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15 minutes by phone to learn a little about you and how we can best help saves time and gets critical questions answered.

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We use an easy process and encrypted portal to obtain information, documents and digital signatures, while you monitor progress.

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We will recommend and obtain the best mortgage solution for your unique needs.

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We don’t stop when you get your keys. We’ll be there whenever you need mortgage-related support and guidance. For life.

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We are not bank employees. We have no sales targets to meet. Our only goal is to deliver you the best solution we can from one of dozens of banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders.

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I'm a First Time Purchaser

This is all new. I have questions and I want to learn how to become a homeowner.

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I'm Refinancing

I want to hack the equity in my home to renovate, invest or get out from under my debts.

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I'm Separated

I need to understand how separating will impact my home ownership options.

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I'm Self-Employed

I want to discover options available when self-employed.

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60+ reviews

Jim was remarkable. The whole mortgage application process was a lot less stressful than it could have been because of the effort and care Jim put into helping us through it. We highly recommend Jim's services to anyone looking to get a mortgage.

Jim Mercer

I had a great experience working with Jim. He has a very clear and consistent approach to mortgage applications and is very engaged with his clients. I’ll definitely recommend him.

Miguel A. Bermudez

Jim makes the process of buying a home, or remortgaging completely painless. He is so knowledgeable and patient. He’s quick to respond and keeps you in the loop with each step of the process, No surprises. He manages our expectations well with informed and Realistic explanations. Provides a detailed idea of what all your options are - gives pros and cons to the options. Renewing our mortgages, selling our home in Port Elgin, buying a home in Southampton, and now taking advantage of the current mortgage rates, Jim has been a gem through it all. For myself who is very inexperienced with these processes, he breaks everything down for you. I always feel as though I’m making an informed decision that I’m comfortable with. Much Like talking it out with a friend, instead of cold confusing meeting, or zoom call where you have to google the language that was used.

Jim works for you and with you as the client. He will support you and push back for you when needed. I didn’t even know what a broker did before I met Jim but I wouldn’t ever try this process without him. I recommend him to ANYONE who is buying a home, remortgaging, renewing. But Especially those first time

Home buyers. Feeling confident with these big decisions is as easy as calling Jim!

Rachel Bennett

Jim was a pleasure to work with. He made the process extremely easy and answered all questions in a timely manner. I would recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage specialist to work with Jim and his office!

Thank you for all of the help, Jim!

Alex Mateu

There is no question-if you need a mortgage, you won't find a more professional, responsive broker than Jim. He explains the whole process, keeps you up to date, and can work magic, too. Unconditionally recommended.

Keith Foulds

Jim made buying our first home a stress free process. He always answered our questions in a timely manner and helped us understand the process. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking for a mortgage.

Dan Cleary

Mortgage 101

Understanding the Role of a Mortgage Broker - A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Homebuyers in Ontario

With the housing market in Ontario becoming increasingly competitive, understanding the role of a mortgage broker has never been more crucial. Jim Cook, Mortgage Broker with TMG, brings decades of award-winning expertise in customized mortgage solutions.

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Beware the FAKE Pre-Approval

Protect yourself from the embarrassment and emotioonal stress of being turned down for a mortgage when you thought you were pre-approved.

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What is the First Home Savings Account?

How to save for your down payment and get a tax credit in the process.

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Co-signor FAQs - What Do I Need To Know?

Can a co-signor can help, how does it work, and does this role impact the co-signor in any way.

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Do I Need a Finance Condition?

A question that gets asked in uber-competitive markets like ours is “Do I need a finance condition?” or, put another way “Can I Purchase Without Conditions?

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What’s Your Best Rate?

The only real answer to that question is “It depends”.

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Credit Reports are Where We Start

Poor credit or lack of credit can severely limit what we can do. Let’s talk about how to improve your credit report and score.

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How Do Lenders Make Decisions?

Mortgage approval decisions are made in two steps. 

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Mortgage 101 in 7 Paragraphs

Are you new to mortgages?  Here is your quick start guide.

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Bruce Power Employee – On Probation – No Problem

Probation isn’t always a hard stop with mortgage applications.

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