Four simple steps

Step 1 - Discovery Call

Using some very simple technology at, you can book a 15 minute phone call right into our calendar at a time that works for you. No wasted back and forth emails/voicemails. No chasing an unnecessary laundry list of documents before you get to speak to someone about your plan.

With experience that only comes from working with thousands of clients, we can determine pretty quickly how best to help. Get your immediate questions answered and end the call with an action plan of exactly what to do next. Life is already busy enough – let’s not complicate things.

Step 2 - Application

When it’s time, we’ll give you two ways to get application information to us. Get started here.

We’ll also introduce you to our encrypted portal called Hurricane – a proprietary and secure way to share your personal documents. When you login, you’ll see a list of required documents specific to your mortgage. Monitor our progress as we change each document status from “under review” to “complete”

Step 3 - Mortgage solution

Once we have your application and supporting documents, we’ll work together to build a customized plan. Then, when you have negotiated a Purchase Agreement, we’ll be ready to implement that plan immediately.

Hurricane will again play a role. It gives us a way to provide your mortgage approval and related documents as well as have you digitally sign them. No paper, printer or scanners required!

Step 4 - In your corner

We stay close to you and your lawyer until your mortgage has funded.

We’ll continue to be there to support your mortgage-related goals for years to come. When you want to ‘hack your mortgage’ to pay for a renovation or purchase an investment property. When you decide it’s time to move up, over or renew. Even when it’s time to assist your kids with their first purchase.

All we ask is that you help us with referrals in return, so we can help more people move forward with their own real estate journeys.

This is our passion. This is our expertise. Welcome to our family!