You applied to Bruce Power, attended interviews and filled out the many many pages for your security check. And you ‘won the lottery’. Bruce Power accepted you into their family. Congratulations!

Like most new Bruce Power employees, you are on probation for the first 3-6 months. This introduces a problem for you if you are looking to buy a house early in your new career.

Banks and branch-based mortgage lenders typically don’t fund mortgages for you during your probationary term.

However, if you have at least one year of previous related work experience and you have decent credit, we usually are able to get mortgage approvals while still on probation.

I’ll say that again – if you have experience and your credit is good, probation does not have to be a deal breaker! We have a solution with a leading lender in Canada.

So, when friends and family see the light and move to Ontario’s West Coast to start their career with Bruce Power, have them contact us at 519-396-6800.