First time buyers

Buying your first home should be exciting, not stressful.

When looking to buy your first home, you don’t always know where to begin, especially when you realize you don’t always know where to begin or what to ask. We work with new home buyers all the time. One of our roles is to reduce your stress by informing, educating and advising. It’s what we love to do!

Just like people refer to a financial planner for investment advice, working with a qualified and proven mortgage broker for mortgage advice is a smart first step.

Yes, friends and family will have their say, just like they have the perfect mutual fund or stock tip to recommend. You know, however, that mortgages are part of a fast-moving, complex marketplace and there are a lot of zeroes involved, so we are very happy to see you here.

Jim wants you to be comfortable and informed, understanding what the next steps are and how we’ll be working together to put a personalized mortgage strategy in place. Review the information below and then book a 15 or 30 minute initial call with us at to get started on this exciting path!

First time home buying guide

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