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the best mortgage solution for you

I’m a buyer, what should I know before I purchase?

As a buyer for the first time, it can be a steep learning curve.  You may realize that you don’t even know what to ask.  That is our role.  Informing, educating and advising.

You might look to a financial planner for investment advice.  In the same way, you should seek a qualified and proven mortgage broker for mortgage advice with a purchase.

Yes, friends and family will have their say – just like they have the perfect mutual fund or stock tip to recommend – but recognize that mortgages are part of a fast-moving, complex marketplace – and there are a lot of $000’s involved.

We’ll talk in plain language about:

  • your 3-5-10 year plans
  • your financial life
  • mortgage terms
  • different types of mortgage security
  • different types of mortgage lenders
  • mortgage penalties
  • hidden mortgage costs and hooks
  • games played online with rates – be wary
  • extra payment options
  • down payment options and CMHC
  • pre-approvals versus approvals

Jim’s focus is to have you walk away informed, knowing how you’ll be working together to put a customized mortgage strategy in place.

And Jim works with The Brick to provide up to 40% off furniture and mattresses, often with free delivery, to each of his mortgage clients.  That can be $000’s in savings alone!

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