The Perfect Read for First Time Buyers

Your Personal Guide to Mortgages, 2017 Edition, has just arrived from the printers. It’s an 88 page book all about mortgages and is designed primarily for first time purchasers.

Get a copy for yourself.  Share our expertise with a friend, neighbour, co-worker or your grown child.  It could qualify you under our new program.

This guide covers all the basic topics you want to know about in a simple, quick reading format. Topics include types of mortgages, down payments, critical tips for selecting a mortgage professional and even how to pay your mortgage off more quickly.

It also highlights the team you want behind you when purchasing a home, including the role of your lawyer and your Realtor.

This is a physical book not an e-book. While many people and libraries are discovering the benefits of e-books, it is also true that many people are returning to physical books.

We published and placed nearly 500 books into buyers hands in Bruce County in 2016. Feedback from clients was so incredibly  positive, we decided to print more. However, towards the end of 2016, the federal government made a number of changes in mortgage rules. In early 2017, mortgage insurers (CMHC, Genworth, Canada Guaranty) increased the default insurance premiums. So, we updated the book and are now releasing this newest edition.

You can get your own copy from select leading Realtors in Kincardine, Port Elgin and Owen Sound. If your Realtor doesn’t have one to provide you, ask them to contact our office for the future.

You can also pick up your copy from some lawyers offices or from our office in Kincardine.

If timing doesn’t work, then simply contact our office and we’ll get one into your hands ASAP.