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The biggest mistake made by purchasers.

Not Getting a Real Pre-Approval Before You Start Shopping!

The biggest mistake people make is not getting a real pre-approval as soon as they can.

A pre-approval application – even before you start looking at houses – makes sure you know what you will qualify for in a mortgage, what the payments and costs will be, guarantees you an interest rate for 90-120 days and ensures that there are no surprises in your credit history.

We strongly recommend this be done by a mortgage agent or broker, since not all branches actually look at your credit bureau – and if something comes up that no one knew about – it could kill your deal!

Unfortunately, several times a year, we either hear about or get a call from a realtor asking if we can save a deal.  The story is almost always the same – the purchasers thought they had thier financing because they had a pre-approval done at their branch but when the time came, there was something on the credit bureau that prevented the bank from moving forward.

It’s always a sad event … it is often embarrassing to the purchasers … everyone has invested time and energy in finding a suitable house and negotiating a deal … people are now emotionally committed … and there is no reason for it to happen.

Get a pre-approval – it will help you understand the process – you will establish a relationship – and you will know exactly where you stand.

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